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Published on 2017-10-26

"ARTISTIC GALLERY - VASIL KRAPCHANSKI" The "Art Gallery - Vasil Krapchansky" was opened on May 31st, 2013. The fund contains 66 paintings by 25 artists, collecting, storing and exhibiting the artwork of Saparevo and other prominent artists.Currently, the Gallery's Genre Gallery includes: paintings, landscapes and watercolors. Paintings of Vasil Krapchansky, Vassil Valev, Maria Raicheva, Antonia Mitsova,
Ethnographic Museum, Sapareva Banya

Published on 2017-10-17

Bulgaria, Kyustendil districtThe Ethnographic Museum in Sapareva Banya houses a medium-sized collection in the downtown area. Read more The daily life items were gathered by the local community. The collection was arranged under under the Market of Traditions project, funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the Foundation for Local Government Reform. Zafirka Baydzhikova was particularly
Church of St Nicholas, Sapareva Banya

Published on 2017-10-17

The Church of St Nicholas (Bulgarian: църква „Свети Никола“, tsarkva „Sveti Nikola“) is a small medieval Eastern Orthodox church in the southwestern Bulgarian town of Sapareva Banya, which is part of Kyustendil Province. Originally either the property of a local notable or attached to a larger church, it was constructed anytime from the 11th to the 14th century.The church was


Seven Rila Lakes
Legend of the Seven Rila LakesOnce, hundreds of thousands of years ago, when there were not yet people on the land, a man and a woman-magnolias lived in Rila. They loved and lived happily in harmony with the surrounding nature. Unfortunately, one day the evil forces envied them and wanted to take away their happiness and joy. They began to send natural disasters - earthquakes, frosts, heat ... The
Lake "The Kidney"
Lake "The Kidney"Lake "TheKidney" is emblematic for the Seven Rila Lakes, and for Rila and Bulgaria at all. It has a very characteristic shape - it looks just like a kidney. It is situated at an altitude of 2282 m and is 28 m deep. The area of ​​the lake is 85 decares. This is the second largest and deepest lake in the group of the Seven Rila Lakes.To some extent, the Kidney has a key location
Lake "The eye"
The eyeThe eye is a glacial cirque lake in Rila, the second of the Seven Rila lakes.The lake has a depth of 37.7 meters, an area of ​​68 decares and is located at 2440 meters above sea level. It is the deepest of glacial lakes in the Balkan Peninsula. It is also known by the name Heart.The eye rises from its northeast to the lower Lake Bliznaka. The slopes that flow from the Seven Rila Lakes start
Lake "The Tear"
Lake "The Tear" "The Tear" is the highest placed of the Seven Rila Lakes.It is also the shallowest after the Fish Lake. It is 1 370 meters north-northwest of Vazov peak. Its altitude is 2,535 meters. The area of ​​its catchment area is 0.18 km2. The area of ​​the water surface is 7 acres. Its water volume is 15.0 thousand.The maximum depth is 4.5 meters. The lake is considered to be the beginning
Lake "Bliznaka"
Lake "Bliznaka"Lake "Bliznaka" is the largest area of ​​the Seven Rila Lakes.It is located at 1940 m to the north of Vazov peak and is situated at 2243 m above sea level. The area of ​​the catchment area is 2.10 sq. Km. The area of ​​the water surface is 168.6 decares. The water volume of the lake is 590 thousand m 3 and the maximum depth is 27.5 meters. In depth it is the third place after
Lake "Trilistnika"
The triple"The triple "is a fifth lake according to the official numbering of the Seven Rila Lakes.The lake is irregularly shaped and forms something like three fingers, from where its name comes. In the recent past, the lake has been called the Middle Giol.At the end of October, the surface of the lake freezes and covers a thick layer of ice that can reach up to two meters in thickness. In June the
The Fish Lake
The Fish Lake  The fish lake is an ice age lake in the Circus of the Seven Rila Lakes.  They were formed by ice in the last glacier perion about a million years ago. During the melting of the ice they collapsed in the recesses formed in circus in the slopes of Rila Mountain.  LocationIt is situated at 2184 meters above sea level and is the shallowest lake with a depth of 2.5 meters and an area of
Ovchartsi waterfall "Gorica"
Ovchartsi  waterfall "Goritsa"The cascade of the seven Shepherd Waterfalls is situated at the northern foot of the Rila Mountain, over the village of Ovchartsi. The leader in the group is the Goritsa waterfall. It is the lowest waterfall in the Rila Mountain at 900 meters above sea level. The height of its waterfall is 39 meters. The name of the natural landmark comes from a story that happened here
Lake Panichiste without draining
Lake Panichiste without drainingIn the natural landscape of Sapareva Banya, the mountainous relief is dominated by the steep slopes of the Kabul part of the Northwest Rila with the deeply incised valleys of the Dzerman and Goritsa rivers as well as the circles of the Seven Rila Lakes.The surrounding area offers a number of routes for excursions and excursions. Near the resort of Panichishte, situated
Skakavishki waterfall
Skakavishki waterfallWith about 70 meters, Skakavishki's waterfall is the highest on the territory of this mountain. It is situated at 1750 meters above sea level and is formed by the waters of the river of the same name, which flows from the Skakavishko Lake. The waterfall is located in the Skakavishka valley, near the peak of Kabul, and about half an hour from the Skakavitsa hut. In general, repetitions,
Chempians Factors bike park
Chempians Factors bike parkIn August 2016  was officially opened the new mountain biking park Campus Factors Rikis Lakes Bike Park. The mountain biking park is a joint initiative of the Municipality of Sapareva Banya, the sports club "Champion Factors" and Rila Sport AD.     The biker is 80 km away. south of Sofia, just below the Seven Rila Lakes. It has two built-up routes: one is designed for
Resilovo monastery
The Resilovo Monastery "Pokrov Bogorodichen"The Resilovo Monastery "Pokrov Bogorodichen" is situated in the northwestern foothills of the Rila Mountains, about 1.5 km southeast of the village of Resilovo, where the ancient monastery is not remembered in this place. Roman tiles used in the 10th century for flooring and ornamental masonry of the temples.The information on the spiritual life of this place
Monastery "St. Stefan"
Monastery "St. Stefan"It is situated on the right bank of the Dzharman River on the Dyuganitsa ridge (meaning a place for hunting falcons) in the Northwest Rila, about 3 km southeast of the town of Sapareva Banya.It was founded during the Second Bulgarian State. Monastery, reported in the Turkish court decision of June 26, 1750, called "Svetovitsa or Stoica." The same is noted that "when our country
Church of the "Assumption of St. Virgin Mary "
Church of the "Assumption of St. Virgin Mary "The Bulgarian population of Saparevo in the period 1861 - 1864, alongside the Saparevska Wada, excavated the most impressive church in Dupnitsa and Samokov. There is a legend about the construction of the church, how Alexi Grahlyov, a poor man living near, heavenly angels of sleep, pointed out to him not only the building site but also the potted pot of
Saparevo Monastery "St. Archangel Michael "
Saparevo Monastery "St. Archangel Michael "The monastery is about 1.5 km away. southeast of the village of Saparevo, at the foot of the Rila Mountain. Built in the second half of the 15th century, the southern part of the eastern wall is preserved. The rest of the monastery was built during the Renaissance. An inscription in the lion on the eastern wall refers to the restoration of the monastery to
The hottest geyser in Europe springs into the center of Sapareva BanyaThe country with the most geysers in Europe is undoubtedly the small island state Iceland, famous for its hundreds of hot springs, frozen landscapes and active volcanoes. Leaping from the ground leads and money that rises to 40-50 meters in the sky is the most sought-after attraction. Contrary to expectations, however, the hottest
Skakavitsa Reserve
Skakavitsa ReserveSkakavitsa Reserve is a magnificent area on the Djerman River valley, which contains rare plants, centuries-old forests, natural phenomena - waterfalls, etc., and rich in game - deer, bears, wild goats and boars. On March 28, 1968, it was declared a reserve. It covers the area of ​​Skakavitsa and Mala Skakavitsa from the area of ​​Green Preslav to the Skakavitsa waterfall,
The White Brotherhood
the White BrotherhoodThe Seven Rila Lakes are a center and a sacred place for spiritual fellowship with the nature of the White Brotherhood - the followers of the occult teachings of Peter Deunov, whom the Master calls them. Each year, on August 19th, the world gathers in the area of ​​the Seven Rila Lakes to celebrate their holiday. Dressed in white, singing, dancing, welcoming and sending the
Church of St. George the Victorious
Church "St. Georgi Pobedonosets "The Revival church "St. Georgi Pobedonosets "is located in the central part of the Giurgiu district of Sapareva Banya.History:The ancient church was built in the period 1839-1840, making it the first Revival temple in the historical-geographic area of ​​Gorno Pole. Traditionally, it has been erected in the place of an old quarter. Its master builder is Tzvetko from
Hanged stone
Hanged stoneFrom Sapareva Banya and Panichishte through Pionerska Chalet you can go to Obesen Kamik. The stone, which is a huge rock on three small stones, is connected with the legend of Krali Marko. It is easier to reach by using a good asphalt road to Pionerska hut (through the resort village of Panichishte) with a length of 14 km, continues along a dirt road (about 5km) accessible to high-pass

Сапарева баня се намира в България и е място с минерална вода и плувни басейни
Сапарева баня е отворена целогодишно от 6:30 сутринта до 8 вечерта.
ако се чудите да посетите, можете да се насладите на горещата минерална вода в много плувни басейни през всеки сезон и всякакъв вид време. Ценообразуването е различно за сезоните. По-евтини текета можете да намерите през зимния период, но през зимата най-големият външен басейн не работи. Има обаче и няколко други плувни басейна, които можете да се насладите дори през януари.

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